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Internship Program-2022

· 2 min read

Intern Program is back again team is planning to expand its boundaries by hosting Internship programs. We are welcoming college/University students for a fully remote internship globally.

Spacescan will provide the students with the knowledge on how to build softwares in a professional working environment. Interns will learn blockchain, Crypto- transactions, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on large datasets. Students working with spacescan will be making a huge impact to the chia community and thousands of spacscan users.

Spacesan provides different tasks, projects and meaningful mentorship to the students, so that they can learn new stuffs out of their academics. For interns, we exclusively host a hybrid model, where the interns will not join the daily meeting or call, but will be part of the daily tasks and spacescan updates. Tasks will be allocated in the spacescan github portal, Interns can pick and work on the tasks that they like to work on.

Apply here

Spacescan really appreciate each and every canditate who applies for the internship as they are making a huge forward step in their career.

What Interns will get from Internship

  • Working with Founding team of software engineers and Architects from fortune 100 companies with more than 15 years of experience from USA and Canada.

  • Highly motivated team and passionate about the blockchain technologies.​

  • Leading chia blockchain explorer in the market with exclusive features.

  • The only analytical platform that provides in-depth on-chain metrics, interactive charts, and APIs for enterprises in chia blockchain.​

  • On completion of 6-months intern period, experience certificate will be provided from ​

Eligible Criteria

There are few criterion, that we follow for the interning with spacescan.

  • Should be an active student in college/University.

  • Should commit weekly 10 hours for learning and contributions

  • Must have knowledge in node.js & React.js.

  • Having knowledge in blockchain, chialisp, python is an advantage.

  • Self-motivated and passionate about learning new technologies.

  • Interns might have initial screening via zoom.

Interns will have an opportunity to work with team after the completion of intern period based on the performance and interest towards the chia community.