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Weekly update - 10

· 2 min read
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1. CAT2 enhancements

  • Supports CAT2 along with CAT1 in address and coin pages. Check USDS treasury!USDS
  • Explore CAT2 collections and stats from top menu
  • Find CAT2 with asset id from enhanced search bar CAT2

Developer - JagRudh/Ajay/natsabari

2. NFT optimization

  • If a collection doesn't have icon or banner in meta data as per CHIP-0007 then any one NFT image will be used as icon and banner! we suggest to use Meta data icon and Banner attribute for better branding! Chia friendschia_friends

    Developer - natsabari

3. UI/UX enhancements

In progress

1. Chia NFT 1 support

  • DID auto verification, display of twitter and website links for verified collections
  • Filter out impersonated collections and NFT from search bar
  • Rank for NFT
  • Rarity calculator
  • Ability to search NFT based on traits

Developer - JagRudh

2. DID

  • Stats and list pages to know all DID created in blockchain

3. Blockchain insights

4. User Guide

  • Creating User Guide for various Chia features and functionalities

    Developer - Logesh / Sham