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Weekly update - 11

· 2 min read
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1. Blockchain insights

  • The insights section is created with all of the existing charts to get insights on the chia block chain
  • The blockchain dropdown in the home page is restructured with insights, Blocks, and Coins details

    Developer - Sham / NK / Logesh / Ibrahim


2. UI/UX enhancements

  • Added minor enhancements suggested by sethjenks and Tarun
  • New UI/UX enhancements are done in the mobile view same as on the web.

    Developer - Ajay

In progress

1. Chia NFT 1 support

  • DID auto verification, display of Twitter and website links for verified collections
  • Filter out impersonated collections and NFT from the search bar
  • Rank for NFT
  • Rarity calculator
  • Ability to search NFT based on traits

Developer - JagRudh

2. DID

  • Stats and list pages to know all DID created in blockchain

3. Blockchain insights

4. User Guide

  • Creating a User Guide for various Chia features and functionalities

    Developer - Logesh / Sham