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Weekly update - 5

· 3 min read
Support us is built on your feedbacks and suggestions. Please donate XCH/CAT towards our dev funds and it will be used as a feature bounty -> support us page. Join in our journey to build awesome tools for Chia -> Discord Twitter Github


  • Improved search bar with ability to lookup search XCH, CAT and NFT with below attributes
    • NFT ID, Name, Collection ID and Collection Name
    • CAT Asset ID, Name and Symbol
    • Address, Header Hash, Coin ID and Blocks



2. Timescale Extension

  • Extended Timescale for all charts to view data from the begining of mainnet launch.


  • Sham received 0.25 XCH from Dev Fund

3. Enhance CAT features

  • Enhanced top menu with Stats, Ranks, explore and transfers features for CAT cat-ranks

    Developer - Ajay

4. Tools

  • Added support for Puzzle hash Converter for XCH, Txch, NFT and DID -> Tools


  • NK received 0.25 XCH from Dev Fund

In progress

1. Chia NFT 1 support

  • We are working on below listed items to support NFT1 standards which is going to be released by Chia soon™
    • Creation of Ranks and Transfers page for NFT in both Mainnet and Testnet
    • Trade integration with NFT market places and exchanges like and
    • Enhancing the assets load time by storing images in
    • DID based authenticity mark to avoid impersonation scams in NFT
    • Rarity calculator
    • Ability to search NFT based on traits

Developer - JagRudh

2. Enhance CAT features

  • We are working on below listed items for CAT1 standard to provide better discoverability of CATs
    • DID based authenticity mark to avoid impersonation scams in CAT
    • Fix the issues in CAT API and make it stable with new routes

Developer - Ajay

3. Enhance API

  • Enhance public API with time frame for Netspace and price

Developer - Ajay

4. User Guide

  • Creating User Guide for various Chia features and functionalities

Developer - Sham

5. Read Only Mobile App

  • Creating Read Only Moile App to View Chia Tokens and Transactions

Developer - Ibrahim

6. Coins Traceability

  • Ability to trace the Coins Parent,Child and Sibling information

Developer - NK

7. CAT Holders Info

  • Provide Unique Holders of CAT in CAT/summarypage

Developer - AjayZorro