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Weekly update - 9

· 2 min read
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1. Chia NFT 1 features

  • Spacescan now host optimized images for all NFT to improve user experience. We noticed creators have issues in hosting images and resulted in not so good experience for Mobile users. This would provide equal space for all creators and users.

  • Shows NFT with valid hash match for preventing scam projects

  • Validates Meta json with CHIA CHIP-0007 scehma


Developer - JagRudh/natsabari

2. NFT coins

  • Enhancement in Coin page is done to show details like name, id, collections, description along with coin basic information


    Developer - Ajay

In progress

1. Chia NFT 1 support

  • We are working on below listed items to support NFT1 standards
    • Rank for NFTs
    • Rarity calculator
    • Ability to search NFT based on traits

Developer - JagRudh

2. XCH rich list

2. Enhance CAT features

  • We are working on below listed items for CAT1 standard to provide better discoverability of CATs
    • Fix the issues in CAT API and make it stable with new routes

Developer - Ajay

3. Enhance API

  • Enhance public API with time frame for Netspace and price

Developer - Ajay

4. User Guide

  • Creating User Guide for various Chia features and functionalities

Developer - Sham