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The chia community always shoots spacescan team with some of these questions frequently. Please check these questions before reaching out to us for better assistance because you can find answer for your questions here.

What is is an initiative mainly developed for the chia community to explore the chia blockchain. Spacescan is an easy accessible blockchain explorer and analytics platform with in-depth details about the chia blockchain. Spacescan is initially developed by three friends, who works on weekends, and started this out of passion, and frustration with the current explorers. Spacescan is now under rapid development and undergo frequent updates. mainly focus on the user preference and provides features that are requested by the user. is started to proivde more user-friendly, mature and professional experience for chia blockchain, which is available for other crypto platforms other than chia.

How spacescan is different from other explorer

There are number of chia explorers that are live in assisting the chia community, but spacescan is the only explorer which has the block, coin, CAT, mempool, testnet10 and other exclusive features under a single website. Spacescan is an analytic tool with in-depth details and functionalities to understand the chia blockchain effectively. is also providing API for other applications or products to develop on top of spacescan's API. Spacescan mainly target on providing the feature that user needs the most.

How can we suggest or request a new feature in

Spacescan works dedicatedly on implementing the suggestion that are provided by the users as soon as possible. Suggestions can be poured at discord, twitter, github or at Github issues will be tracked down and will be closed down. Any user can create a new issue in the github repo and spacescan team will assign it to the team member responsible for the changes and gets it done ASAP.

How to update the CAT information

CAT information that are displayed in spacescan website are exclusively collected or updated by the owner of the CAT.


If the CAT is already owned by any user. Without spacescan team reverting it, nobody can edit/ update that CAT.

How long will it take to reflect the updated CAT information

For better performance and results, There is a caching mechanism spacescan follow.
Each cat update will take 1 hour to see the changes in cat summary page. Please wait for 1 hour before checking the cat info and don't update the same information again during this time period. This will reduce your total CAT update limit (Max-limit: 5 times/cat owner)