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CAT API (v1 alpha)

CAT API is a rest API by which individual CAT information can be fetched based on the cat asset id.

  • This API is still under a developing stage, so please try to use this API cautiously .

  • New features or change in attributes will happen in the future. Hence, make sure the schema before using the response.

  • We are happy to help with more features and parametes under this API. Please contact the team at discord, twitter or at for any suggestions or bugs.


We would appreciate your effort on linking back to and this API, if this API is used for building any product or feature on top of it.

CAT info API endpoint

The API endpoint to hit for the individual cat information response{assetid}.

  • This assetid in the endpoint needs to be replaced with the assetid that the user needs information about.

  • version v0.1 denotes the alpha version of the API. xch/cat denotes the CAT present in the chia blockchain.

Sample Response for Spacebucks
"status": "SUCCESS",
"cat": [
"asset_id": "78ad32a8c9ea70f27d73e9306fc467bab2a6b15b30289791e37ab6e8612212b1",
"asset_name": "Spacebucks",
"symbol": "SBX",
"price_usd": null,
"price_xch": null,
"issued_time": null,
"updated": 1645975699,
"holders": null,
"lisp": null,
"clvm": null,
"description": "The galactic monetary standard.",
"tags": "Meme",
"total_supply": 1000000000,
"txns_count": 17716,
"txns_amount": 1005905567.3910004,
"logo": ""
  • Whenever there is a change in the version, the endpoint for this API will change. This change will be updated here in the docs.
  • The last three old versions will always be supported along with the new version. We would provide two weeks notice prior to the old version decommission date.

Details about each response attribute

Each attributes inside the response denotes different information about the CAT.

  • status denotes whether the API call is made successfully or not. SUCCESS symbolize the call is success, FAILURE symbolize the call is not success.
  • cat object contains the details about the CAT asset id provided in the endpoint.

CAT Response

CAT x_auth_token

  • Set the header x-auth-id key with the value taken from the user profile info API Key

  • This header x-auth-id is used for the user validation, and this would be a mandatory header in the future.

CAT x_auth_id

asset_idStringUnique ID used fr tracking every CAT
asset_nameStringName given by the CAT owner for respective CAT
symbolStringSymbol given by the CAT owner for the respective CAT
price_usdStringPrice of the particular CAT in USD (Converted)
price_xchStringPrice of the particular CAT in XCH
issued_timeStringTimestamp when the CAT was issued by the CAT owner
updatedintTimestamp when the CAT owner updated the CAT details in our API
holdersStringNumber of users currently hold the respective CAT
lispStringchia lisp of a cat tail
clvmStringcompiled version of a chia lisp of a cat tail
descriptionStringDetailed description about the respective CAT provided by the CAT owner
tagsStringTag that was given to the CAT by the CAT owner
total_supplyintTotal number of CATs that are created for circulation
txns_countintTotal number of transactions made in the respective CAT
txns_amountintTotal amount of CATs transferred
logoStringURL for the Logo of CAT generated by the CAT owner
  • This CAT information from this API, will have some more details when compared to the CATS API v1 alpha