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Chia DID profile

We are excited to introduce the new Chia DID profile in Spacescan. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a Chia DID profile using wallet connect. This process will enable the digital identity to be securely managed and shared with others on the Chia community.

This feature still in Beta so expect some glitches. Reach team here for support

1) Two ways to reach the claim DID

i) Go to myprofile in

ii) select My profile icon in the top right corner of ,then click DID profile

Alt text

Click "connect wallet"

My profile in spacescan

then Popup shows QR code ,click "copy to clipboard"

2) Connect Chia wallet with

If wallet already connected, skip the step:2 jump to step:3 Copy the QR code Alt text

Open the chia wallet click "Add connection" Add connection

Paste (ctrl+v) the copied code paste the link Choose the wallet choosing the wallet

3) Create DID profile in chia wallet

If DID already created then jump to step:4 Open the chia wallet,select settings then move to the PROFILES(DID) tab,click create profile(+).Enter the name of the DID and select the fee,hit the create button.

create the DID

Now you can see the created DID,Copy the DID to claim in Copy the DID

4) Move to to claim the created DID

Click "Add DID profile"

Alt text

Paste the DID that you were copied from chia wallet Sign in message will pop up

sign in wallet

sign in message

Confirm the DID in chia wallet

confirmtion message in wallet

5) Move to to Edit and customize the DID

User will land in the Edit page of claimed DID.You can customize the details.

claimed DID

Alt text

6) Claimed DID

After edit the DID details,You can see the claimed DID. Alt text

To view of your DID just click on the DID or select "View address" from the meat ball menu icon

Alt text Public view of DID